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Instructional Video

Rick Barry explains how to use the DotShot Basketball Shooting Aid

INSTRUCTIONS Pull the DotShot onto your shooting arm. Line up the Dots with your index finger. Adjust for personal preference. When you shoot the basketball while using the DotShot, focus on the rim (or the backboard for bank shots), but “see and sense” the DotShot without looking directly at it. See the dots with your peripheral vision and sense the sleeve stimulating your arm. Practice with the DotShot and “train your brain” to be more aware of your arm before, during and after your shot. SEE. The DotShot improves your alignment and aim by helping you see (using your peripheral vision) your arm position and movement. The dots give you visual reference points to remind you to square up to the basket, align your elbow correctly and aim your shot better. SENSE. The DotShot improves your awareness by helping you to sense the compression sleeve on your arm. The DotShot stimulates your brain and body to feel your shooting arm and shooting motion better. SCORE! The DotShot improves your accuracy by helping you practice with better shooting form.

5 Fundamentals of Shooting by Rick Barry

  •  Ball in Open Hand (not on fingertips)
  •  Wrist Cocked (parallel to floor)   
  •  Arm Straight (elbow pointed down)
  •  Shoot the Ball “UP” not “at” the Basket
  •  Follow Through




Proper shooting starts at the bottom with your base. You need to be in balance with a firm foundation.

Feet: shoulder width apart and strong side foot slightly in front of other foot, heel to toe

(quicker movement if you drive) good shoes, on balls of your feet not your heels.

Knees: ready to bend and  explode up, legs give you strength

Body/Hips/Shoulders-slight open stance, body low, head up.



Shooting hand: centered on the ball, index finger in the middle of ball, across the seam. Index finger  or middle finger will be last to touch the ball, observe the “V” of thumb and index finger.

Support Hand: on the side of ball, maybe slightly in front, for control, helps hold the ball not for shooting, shoot with one hand/arm not two, shoot through this guide hand.


Eyes: focused on the target (ie. front of the rim, visualize ball going through the 

hoop…look at the square on the backboard when shooting a bank shot). 

Elbow: in, straight up and down, 90 degrees, above knee, at eye level, up and 

close to body, not like a “chicken wing”, the elbow position is one of the most 

important parts of the shot.


Your knees, elbow and wrist are all bent (bend, bend, bend)

Power up with legs, arm and snap/flick your wrist for backspin on ball

Legs give you power, height, stamina for late in game.


Point toward target. Hold your follow through. Point toward hoop. Some call it "Follow though freeze" or "hand in the cookie jar" or  "fingers over rim."  Have confidence in your shot and you will score points.

Some use the acronym BEEF for base, eyes, elbow and follow through.