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About Us

Why do players wear sleeves?



Glen Hougen (the inventor) and Rick Barry (the lengendary basketball player), who is the only basketball player in history to lead the NCAA, the NBA, and the ABA in scoring, have teamed up to help basketball players improve their game.  This patent pending basketball shooting aid is affordable and effective in showing players how to shoot with proper form.  Practicing with the DotShot Basketball Shooting Aid will help "train your brain" to shoot with better shooting form.

The basketball shooting sleeve has become more popular over the past few years due to many professional basketball players wearing them and now more and more college basketball players wear the sleeves.  Alot of these players wear the compression sleeves on their non-shooting arm, while some wear the sleeves on their shooting arm.  Why do basketball players wear the sleeves?  The benefits of wearing a shooting sleeve include the following, but the DotShot adds one more. 

  •  Warmth
  • Support
  • Protection
  • Moisture Control
  • Fashion 

Why should I buy the DotShot?



This invention gives one more reason for wearing a product like the shooting sleeve.  What is the new purpose for wearing a shooting sleeve?   Keep reading and find out!  It is why you need the DotShot Basketball Shooting Aid.

The DotShot is a basketball shooting aid and method helps a player align his/her arm correctly during the shooting process and thereby increase his/her accuracy and shooting percentage.  This device is worn on the shooting arm and has a plurality of size, design (colors/shapes of design element and markings) and clothing variations/materials.

The other shooting aid products on the market today are designed to help basketball players shoot better during training times, but none of these can be worn in game type situations.  All of the other shooting aid products are too cumbersome and/or too constraining.  The DotShot allows for natural shooting movement.

The main purpose of the device and method is to give the shooter a guide or point of reference on the shooting arm that the eye can see and the mind can use to gage arm and elbow placement during the shooting motion.  This shooting aid helps train the eye to see and the mind to subconsciously tell the body where the arm is to help make proper adjustments immediately during the shooting motion.   The DotShot brings awareness of arm position and helps with mental focus during the shot, thus, providing for better muscle memory and training.

The DotShot gives the eye a better “line of sight” during the shot, like when a marksman looks down the barrel of a rifle or through a scope when using a gun.  This “scoping” mechanism and method helps the shooter line up and shoot the ball with greater precision.

The DotShot Basketball Shooting Aid gives players a better feeling of where their arm and elbow are during the shot.  The shooting sleeve stimulates the arm, thus bringing a heightened awareness of your arm.  It's like when you put a watch on your wrist and wave your arm around, you have a better feeling of where your arm is in relation to space.  This awareness will help you feel your shot and improve your game.

How does it work?


 The DotShot Basketball Shooting Aid is a training aid to help basketball players improve their shooting form and increase their shooting accuracy. 

This sports aid and method and claims a multitude of designs and applications.  It employs the powerful affects and effects of compression technology along with a unique visual design to improve elbow alignment, ball arc, arm awareness and shooting accuracy.

The DotShot is designed with simple, solid dots that your eye sees in your peripheral vision and your mind quickly processes allowing you to instantaneously use this information during the shooting motion.  The dots are aligned along the forearm giving you the best opportunity to see them at different stages throughout the shooting motion.  The contrasting colors of the sleeve and dots can be readily noticed on the shooting arm using your peripheral vision. 

The DotShot compression sleeve stimulates your arm and increases your arm awareness. The DotShot improves your ability to sense your shooting arm position and movement during the shot through this “feeling” mechanism.   This is called "proprioception" or the ability to sense body position and movement through stimulation, hence the See Sense Score tagline.

The DotShot provides you with visual, sensory and mental awareness helping you build better muscle memory and bring more consistency to your shot.  Read more this on the About DotShot page.