Click on video above to see Rick Barry show you how to use the DotShot.

The Rick Barry DotShot Basketball Shooting Aid combines a compression sleeve with visual reference points (the Dots) to improve shooting accuracy by giving basketball players the ability to "See and Sense" their shooting arm. 

The Dotshot helps you shoot the basketball with Proper Alignment (see the dots in straight line with elbow pointing down) and Proper Arc (see only one dot after you shoot).  If you see more dots, you shot the ball flat.

Five Fundamentals of Shooting
          by Rick Barry

1.  Ball in Open Hand (not on fingertips)
Wrist Cocked (parallel to floor)
Arm Straight (elbow pointed down)
Shoot the Ball “UP” not “at” the Basket
Follow Through

  • Better elbow alignment
  • Proper ball arc
  • Increased arm awareness
  • Improved accuracy
  • Get the Dot to Make the Shot!
The DotShot Basketball Shooting Aid is a patent pending training aid to help basketball players improve their shooting form and increase their shooting accuracy. 

The patent is a sports aid and method and claims a multitude of designs and applications.  It employs the powerful affects and effects of compression technology along with a unique visual design to improve elbow alignment, ball arc, arm awareness and shooting accuracy.


The DotShot is designed with simple, solid dots that your eye easily sees and your mind quickly processes allowing you to instantaneously use this information during the shooting motion.  The dots are aligned along the forearm giving you the best opportunity to see them at different stages throughout the shooting motion.  The contrasting colors of the sleeve and dots can be readily noticed on the shooting arm using your peripheral vision.  Read more about this on the Proper Alignment and Arc page.


The DotShot compression sleeve stimulates your arm and increases your arm awareness. The DotShot improves your ability to sense your shooting arm position and movement during the shot through this “feeling” mechanism.   This is also called "proprioception" or the ability to sense body position and movement through stimulation. Read more about this on the See Sense Score page.


The DotShot provides you with visual, sensory and mental awareness helping you build better muscle memory and bring more consistency to your shot.  Read more this on the About DotShot page.

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